Baby Lincoln, Mesa Arizona Newborn Photographer

Baby Laiken, Mesa Arizona Newborn Photographer

Baby Laiken was perfect! Every little feature was perfect! Lips! Ears! Hands!

Baby Juniper, Mesa Arizona Newborn Photographer

Baby Juniper has definitely got her family wrapped around her finger! You can tell her Family is obsessed with her and gave her a very special name after a loved one! 

Loved her in the owl prop!
We got SO many cute shots of her! 

This is older Brother Braxton, he was JUST big enough to hold his little sister!

Baby Brady, Mesa Arizona Newborn Photographer

Baby Brady slept like an angel for his shoot!! He had the cutest little puppy dog cheeks! 
His Cute older sister Halle was an absolute Ham. Her dads got his hands full with her!!!

For some reason I loved the way these family pictures turned out! Maybe its all this beautiful blonde hair!!! Good Lookin family!! Loved this Newborn shoot!

Baby Zoe, Mesa Arizona Newborn Photographer

Little Miss Zoe was a few weeks early and in the 5 pound range, TINY! Her older brother John was so grown up! It feels like yesterday that I was taking his newborn pictures! Zoe was so tiny in her Daddys big hands. This sweet family are some of my dear friends! So happy for their new little Angel. 

Baby Evie, Mesa Arizona Newborn Photographer

Miss Evelyn was so chunky and cute! All her little rolls were to die for!!! She photographed so beautifully along with her big sister Josie. The picture of the girls with their Mama is one of my all time favorites. Gorgeous women in this family! Daddy is one lucky guy! Loved loved loved this session.

Baby Jayne, Mesa Arizona Newborn Photographer

Miss Jayne was so so sweet. She slept perfectly through her session and was so teeny tiny!! We got so many cute shots of her it was SO hard to choose! 

Mesa Arizona Senior Photographer

I had such a blast this season photographing all these amazing kids graduating from High School. I really cant believe its been almost 9 years since my graduation!!

                       Miss Kim                                         Mr. Eric                                     Miss Mallory

              Miss Riley                       Miss Taylor                     Miss Taylor                     Miss Lexi

                     Miss Rachel                                      Mr Max                                  Miss Makenah

Good Luck to all of you next year!!!! So glad I got to know each of you a little more! 

Mae & Ruby, Mesa Arizona Twin Newborn Photographer

TWIN GIRLS!! TWIN GIRLS!! HOW MUCH FUN ARE TWIN GIRLS!! I would be lying to stay I was anything less than OBSESSED with these twin girls! They were absolutely perfect for their shoot. They slept like angels and posed so gracefully! They were less than 
6 lbs each during this shoot and just 10 days old!

Meet Miss Mae:

 Meet Miss Ruby:

I was seriously so lucky to get to photograph these two. Their mom is so much fun and full of energy which I'm sure she's gonna need with these TWIN GIRLS!!

Ainsley, Mesa Arizona Kids Photographer

Ainsley was my giveaway winner from Grandmas Attic Boutique! Her smirk was to die for cute! Along with her baby blue eyes!! Ainsley was very happy to start the shoot and then ended not so happy. But I couldn't help but keep and edit those photos too! Was was still so cute despite all the tears!

Baby Brenner, Mesa Arizona Newborn Photographer

 First off I LOVE this little guys name. BRENNER. SO CUTE! Second his older sister Bella is going to be the best older sister. Brenner started to cry and Bella came to his side and started to sing to him. It was precious. She is darling.
I could not resist Brenner's little moose. It was just his size. :) 

Calvin, Mesa Arizona Kids Photographer

Calvin was a very sweet week 6 week old. I usually never do pictures of baby past 10 days old or before they are sitting up at 6 months but Mom wanted them so badly that I couldnt say no! Calvin was so cute and he did so good during his session. His mama was absolutely gorgeous and extremely kind and could make Calvin giggle and squeal when she talked to him. Fun shoot. I might need to say yes more often to these sweet sweet 6 week olds...

Baby Evan, Mesa Arizona Newborn Photographer

Evan was another great baby this week! But the greatest part was seeing how in love his parents were with him. He has one proud Daddy. Little Man looks so small in his dads arms!!

The hot air balloon was our "try" for a quick outdoor portion of Evans shoot. Unfortunately Arizona had one of its COLDEST days EVER that day and Poor Evan was freezing!! So we did 2 quick shots and that was all we got. 
(when is AZ ever too cold!!!) grrr... he was still so cute! 

Baby Sophia, Mesa Arizona Newborn Photographer

Baby Sophia was 7 days old and the most PERFECT newborn I have photographed to date! She slept the whole session! Mom and Dad were so Mesmerized with their baby girl it was so sweet to watch!

Mr. Kaleb, Mesa Arizona Kids Photographer

One of my Photography Goals this year is to start blogging about my sessions more! Instead of just posting pictures ACTUALLY BLOGGING about them! :) Lets see how it goes...

Kaleb came to me for his One Year Birthday Shoot! His mom and cousins came along and they were SO much fun! This Mechanic outfit was absolutely adorable and Kaleb was an absolute Ham. He loved the Camera. I didn't take a single bad picture of him, not a single frown or tear the whole session. Photographers only dream of 1 year olds as Easy and Happy as Kaleb!!!